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Manufacturing and marketing organic products means more organic farms (and less damaging and devasting synthetic chemical inputs...). As a consumer you have more power in that instrument known as the dollar (what grandpa calls the almightie buck) - more Power through your daily spending decisions than any other organized force on this planet.

Knowing this, One is able to exercise their spending options, carefully, and as a firm vote, For or Against - your choice - and that is where, we come in to offer the best options available across all the line of products we offer, with the eco-consumer's blessing - finally getting quality products anchored by responsibile manufacture and marketing/promotion.

Organic Formulations is a family-run operation, and our CEOs - around here that is fancy talk for Chief Environmental Officer - are all the children. We sincerely listen to so many of the wonderful children we have had the opportunity to speak to, and find out about their dreams and ideas, for today and for the future! We are really working for their future and of their children's children - for real, eh! They are straight talking, insightful and simply gorgeous!

We love what we do! It is a good thing we did not listen when we started, some critters were telling us, `Kant be dun`...
well add a `g` to that last word and that is what we think of that!

Heck, we didn`t know we would develop, and even be considered a world leader in sustainable environmental technology, we still just call it 'organic' on the farm, and there are more responsible companies out there all the time, we grow like the daisies in the new found sunshine stretching out of the morning dew - each taking care of business - just by ...taking more time and care™.

Maybe partially it is in the fact that;

- in fifteen years we typically have not bought new boxes, using recycled cardboard boxes that our drivers reclaim from the stores we visit when on our organic deliveries,
- our current, lighter bottles help minimize the burning of fuel and petro-chemical release in the delivery of product to the market,

- we are working on a fully biodegradable/recyclable plastic,
- all of our products are 100% biodegradable and can go into anyone's compost,
- we use forest-free paper made from sugar cane and hemp fibre,
- we use and promote water-based vegetable inks,
- we let the animals talk to us (no, not the in-laws, oops!...)
- we continually move away from harm and strive to find better and better ways in quality, natural manufacturing, living clean and protecting Earth.

- We listen to our customers!

I do not know if there is Karma, but for us organic farmers
- it won`t matter, eh!




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