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"Each and every dollar we spend is a vote
for, or against, the Earth - thank-you for spending wisely."
~ Joseph Borkovic, 1999



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#1 Eco-kids Award... #2 Father & Son ... #3 Zach & dolphins... #4 Wombat !!!
Amazing Kids A-Channel Award Shaw TV interview with Joseph Borkovic Zach Talks about the dolphins
The Wombat, created by Jason Ables for Global Mindshift

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#5 En Francais        #6 Zach at K-Bay    #7 Joseph at River  #8      MOST


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Latest Organic Trader™ quick Eco-News: 

* 2012 - "We manage the single largest asset in our customers' porfolios... The Earth." ~ Joseph Borkovic

[ Joseph's response on a phone call from a big-shot(mouth) stockbroker seeking private label, whom after finding out the strict sustainable standards Organic Trader™ adheres to, and being told that to use the word "organic" requires integrity, auditable proof, and green/ sustainable/ organic & eco are more than marketing terms.

When the stockbroker tried to belittle Joseph's "hippie attitude", bragging that he manages million$ and his clients' biggest assets... Joseph responded with the line above... lesson here - is don't argue with a hippie that knows what he is doing! ]

* 2011 - Experience our NEWEST Video shorts, below...
or CLICK HERE to see Organic Trader eco-Video log.

* 2010 Organic Trader™ launches eco-labels
now available for our PRIVATE LABEL clients,
made from...
Rock, Paper, Earth-TM (no scissors) eco-labels.
Yes, it's true... real crushed rock.
- NO water, NO trees, NO bleach, NO vinyl - no kiddin'

* Organic Trader™ creates a special Private Label
set of eco-formulations for Hollywood
(anti-aging facial preparations in development for 5 years)
for professional makeup artists working with A-list
actors & actresses on the movie sets.

* We are also proud to share that Organic Trader™
is selected as a Private Label supplier for the
Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games - Go Canada Go !!

Joseph's Eco-business Bio - what you don't know...

As a father and son we started our long road  
(livin' in a 70's hippie van),
on this amazing adventure & difficult journey together
- with only one goal, our one Promise to each other...

The Promise is:
"to do something real to help the dolphins"
(short story below)   

This is why Organic Trader exists as an eco-company !
... to eco-manufacture authentic, organic eco-products
as a better choice - for a better life - by telling the truth.

... "Organic Trader's Mission is to stop
the daily-use of harmful syn-chemicals going into our water"
AND why you will never find 'industry syn-chem junk' "ingredients"
in our/your Organic Trader products EVER
... because I promised my son - so I can promise you
and Mate, I'm keeping my word !"

"Never, ever, ever allow the difficulty of dark times
to tempt you into giving up on your Dream, your Gifts, your Genius
and your deepest love for our Spaceship Earth"

Peace to you, from Joseph & Zach!
  Cowichan Bay, B.C.

"Conscientious commerce may be the greatest
non-violent means to make change available to folks today
... indeed, for greedy and irresponsible corporations...
the very absence of your dollar,
may be the only language they understand."

~ Joseph Borkovic
... <more about Joseph & Zach, click here>

Thank-you for spending wisely!

New DVD 'The Promise' testimonial (includes all above videos):
"This story touched my heart.
The inspiritation brought tears, and the message
got me thinking... Thoroughly enjoyable!
Thank you!!"    

Kristie O’Sullivan, Ireland

the promise dvd

Our story is our Gift to You.  We are very thankful to be able to share our Anam Cara journey - just becasue it feels good to share with and inspire others!  Please share with those you Love... Joseph & Zach.  
PS. "Anam Cara" is Gaelic (Celtic) for "soul friend".

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"What does your conscience say?—
'You must become who it is that you are.'”

Friedrich Nietzsche

Dear Friend,

It All Started at the Toilet

You may not know how our journey started... I was standing at the toilet with my son, who was 3 years old at the time, when he asked me, "Dad, does what we put in the water hurt the fish and other animals?"  I had no idea, and said, "Let's go to the library together and find out!"

That's When It Got Bad, Real Bad

At the library we found that as humans, we just weren't very good stewards of the Earth.  One particular article described how chemicals in daily-use products - like shampoo, conditioner and lotion - were getting washed down the drain every morning in bathrooms and ended up in the local waterways, rivers, lakes and finally in the oceans.   The chemicals were hurting the dolphins and their babies...  

Every day, just in Canada & USA, 6.7 billion ounces of daily-use products with toxic synthetics and harmful petro-chemicals are washed into our local waterways, as we all get ready for work or school.

In A Single Moment It Happened,
The Promise

I put down the article and l'il Zach was crying, he then looked me right in the eye and asked, "Dad, what are we going to do to help?"  

I still clearly remember this exact moment, it was a life moment.  (In looking back... I now clearly see this was a rare life opportunity to receive a special gift from my son)  My heart moved up into my throat and on the verge of tears myself, looking Zach back in the eyes, I replied, "I don't know, but we'll do something, I promise."

A Little Boy's Question

By gosh & by golly, little did I know the sense of purpose that would follow, and the father & son adventures that would come from my little boy's simple question.  Organic Trader was birthed from this very question, from the seeds of that special moment.

I Found Out I Could Do Better

I had never before questioned how what I do everyday affects the Earth and Nature, the animals, the water - or even myself for that matter.


A Better Life

My son's question became a burning quest to find a better way.  I started to find out how deeply and intimately we are all connected through Nature.  Zach's question opened my heart, and my spirit began to awaken...

Organic Trader™ Today

Since 1999 Organic Trader™ has become an environmental leader in the field of green, organic and sustainable eco-manufacturing methods.  Some of our great successes have evolved from the many (so-called) 'failures' or disappointments along the way.  

My grandpapa used to say, "Joseph, you can never go wrong doing the right thing, just don't give up my boy, don't give up!"  

A New Way of Thinking 

Organic Trader™ is more than just an "organic message in a bottle".  Our sustainable vision is changing the way:

√  raw materials are sourced to support organic, biodynamic and sustainable permaculture farms.

√  ingredients are sourced from certified fair trade and social justice programs, helping communities.

√  products are being processed without 'industry' petro-chemical junk ingredients or synthetic excipiants.

√  the next generation of green products are made.

√  products arrive on the shelf - with intregrity still intact inside the bottle - backed by third-party certifications and better standards, like EcoStar Green™.

√  consumers are able to make better choices.

Organic Trader's™ family vision is forging a new generation of eco-products & business solutions that change the way each of us may choose to participate in our world today.

Hippies with Office

Sometimes we may be seen as 'renegade hippies with an office' - but heck and doggone, what you don't know about us... may really surprise you!

social justice fair trade shea butter ingredients In our hand-crafted, organic products, you will find; Certified Organic, Certified Biodynamic, Fair Trade, Wildcrafted & Social Justice ingredients - click here to know more about our Social Justice ingredients program supporting women and children in Africa

(and click here for our "Unacceptables List" pdf of chemical ingredients banned by Organic Trader™)

Saying NO to Synthetics & Petro-chemicals

You will find honest and full ingredient disclosure on all our labels.  We offer a range of unique organic blends in our own brands and offer Private Label or Custom Green Contract Manufacturing (click here for sustainable, green private label).

The Soil Under the Grass Roots

We use old-fashioned methods based upon integrity and working with Nature, principles and secrets I learned from my father and grandfather.  Artisan ways rooted in working the land.  Hardship, ingenuity and sustainability were not options, but necessary, and rewarding, ways of life.

Cowichan Valley (our home) has some of the most fertile organic farmland in the world.  The word “Cowichan” comes from the Coast Salish indigenous people and means “the warm welcoming lands”.  We are a family owned and run business - always have been, always will be.

Go Organic with us.  
Eco-blessings to you and your family.

We are deeply thankful to share with you,
our dreams, our adventures and our Promise...
for a better life.

Genuinely, Joseph & Zach
Cowichan Bay, B.C.

Joseph, father of Zachary
son of Anton
grand-son of Anton & Deda Mile
great grand-son of Marco & Jhose

copyright © 1999, 2006, 2009 - >

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"Now there is one outstandingly important fact regarding Spaceship Earth, and that is that no instruction book came with it."

Buckminster Fuller


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- Amazing Kids
A-Channel Award #1
Amazing Kids A-Channel Award

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