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The following two stories were written by a young boy close to my family when he was four and five years old and is our way
of showing tribute that perhaps we could do well to listen to all children a little more closely. These stories are presented exactly as they were written by him at these respective ages...

howkamowouwai way - by zach

once there was a day that began the start of the new millenium. And on this day there stood at the edge of time two heroes, only known as archers - of a son and father. they had a great secret, they were the keepers of the knowledge for the new age. But even though they were great keepers of these howkamowouwai on the winds of consciousness they did not know how to best spread the great wisdoms so that all others, who were ready, could also find this knowledge. even though they were very smart, they still could not figure out how to send this howkamowouwai out. this knowledge was very simple but also very powerful and anyone could bring it
into their heart. sometimes they became so involved in their playing-games, which they played to help them learn or remember how to help, that mother had to remind them of their quest by chasing them with a broom. they had to run really fast because mother was so fast too and they did not want to have broom whiskers tattoo their bums. when they were running away they heard a thunder-hawk squak to them and from this squak they knew where to hide, in the barn, until mother was no longer angry. children already have this knowing and sometimes feel frustrated that their mom and dads sometimes forget this energy. the new children that are born of this world into the new millenium area also living in this ancient-energy way in their own lives for all of us. now the son and father still could not figure out how to spread the howkamowouwai as they were hiding in the barn but they then suddenly do remember the thunder-hawk and its message to them - from this they knew that the way of spreading the all-knowledge was just like a guotama tree when it drops its seeds into the wind so that they can fly away to their own homes, and this is just like a bird`s song or a cloud-shape that can show the way - they knew now, that Nature was the path of the remembering-way of the howkamowouwai. Follow the animals in the countryside on their path.

-Zajo-Knight-Training-Book of the Zao-Way - by Zach
retail cost is $0.99 (value is Priceless!)
(sidenote, this boy was successfully selling this story for 99c- wonder how he learned that?...then he put copyright on it...hmm)

Zajo-Knights keep the good energy and ground the bad energy and even turn around the bad energy into good energy. Zajo-Knights help people when they can find them and see that they need help and that they can help.

Catch flies and bugs when you need to and put them out-side. Always have your own-thinking even when someone tries to ignore your thinking and force their thinking onto yours or instead of yours, keep your own good thinking. Do not let any-one use your good actions or thinking against you to try to make you feel badd because it is OK to have your own-thinking. Let the window person do the repairs on the the window when they need to be done. Wait to eat berries until they are ripe and do not eat any berries if you do not know what they are. Read all the books you want to and need to so you can have fun and learn. Eat good food to keep your body and mind strong so you can build good energy for Zajo-Knight-training. Turn the lights on when you need to if it is dark. Have fun with your mom and dad when you want to. Tell your mom and dad when you are sick, and know that you can heal your own body. Clean your house when you need to. Work smart. Do not catch too many animals to eat. Do the best you can every-where you are. Keep the strong-energy for teaching your children. We are all the good.

copy-claim/Copyright-2000-Anno-Domini by Zach

we invite interesting stories from all children, and in respect of privacy will
print only first names at your request, if our web-team posts it on the site...



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