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The Earth is as a glass house, and we have been throwing stones, once we connect that each part is integrated within the structural whole of the other, we will not continue to participate in the wholesale destruction of the organic whole - this is when our glass house will truly become an unbroken home.

Once we truly realize that each part is connected to, and throughout, the integral whole we will no longer permit or participate in damaging intra and inter-dependent systems, or to any one part of our surroundings - creating more polluted streams, soil, air or toxins in our own bodies.

The debauchery and slow decay of our future through unmanageable leverage of the environment will stop, or we as a species will no longer be able to survive in a healthy or fruitful manner. Numerous other species are dwindling, dying or becoming extinct increasingly every single day now. Our important, busy lives, will at the paramount juncture of natural resource input/output overload, be stopped in their tracks and time will quietly no longer allow us our modern creature comforts. Without clean air, water and soil to grow adequate food it will cease to matter.

The pursuit of vision-less singular profit has become an unnessary carnage of war, upon even our sensibilities. The wholesale destruction of our organic whole, can not allow for any true or real profit. Price is not cost. The lack of sufficient awareness of this devastating cause and effect affects all life here profoundly, as scientifically measured moment by moment and day by day, including our own species.

Our most essential right for survival indicates that we must no longer throw stonesin our own glass house, and act in a fashion where this glass house may again, become an unbroken home. My passion is to continue to implement a complete, effective and efficient model of sustainable business growth through a responsible, balanced and extremely profitable eco-consumer model.

This is the basis of my Vision for Corporate Reciprocity, or a model that today we call, Eco-dynamics-tm.

Of Interest - the most abundant material found on Earth is silica - the crucial building block of glass.




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