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What is Eco-dynamics?

Eco-dynamics™ is the recognition and balancing of opposing forces. Forces between market and industry interests that have the potential to clash - as in eco and ego. Another way it might be seen is as the struggle between ecology and economy, or business interests.

The successful combining of these interests could also be considered business reciprocity, which brings no harm to anyone/anything connected to the process, and would include responsible manufacturing right through to responsible marketing practices that create longterm, sustainable profitability.

We believe that these forces can combine to be one and the same.

This is also known as an eco-consumer model - standards that not only are expected to be found professed in a company's claims, that they are marketing responsible or green products/services, but also must be truthfully found in a company's daily practises. That these unseen Eco-dynamic principles are also infused into their manufacturing process, and not just marketed as such, but by the actual implementation of these Eco-dynamic methodologies right in behind the scenes and right into the very product/marketing itself.

Only this accountable approach can stop the current decimating industrial carnage of the Earth's resources, destruction and poisoning of our environment, it can also bring real, beneficial change and this approach can sustain this type of benefit to all, while maintaining unadulterated profits. It has been and is being done very successfully by some dedicated and insightful companies.

Businesses that take the real overall cost of profitability versus the short sighted stance about just the price having to be low not only can operate efficiently and profitably but also will also solidify their place in the business world because they will also not only be able to survive, they will also prosper.

Based on the Eco-dynamic™ model, through ingenuity, creativity and determination, new pathways will continually emerge to enable the delivery of quality organic and sustainable (non-damaging) products/services. Today consumers are redefining the way business and industry must cope with the market forces and demands of today's concerned and intelligent consumers. In Canada and the USA it is estimated that the size of this eco-consumer market is $219,000,000,000.00, or $219-billion.

In this light then, fore-thought can culminate in solutions that respect both these forces or ideologies. Providing then for simple, quality product choices - as increasingly being sought by today`s consumer. We supply our organic and natural products in a fashion that can satisfy both ego and eco-standards:

- We believe in top quality of use, by soothing and satisfying the important Ego first. That means our soaps, shampoos, cosmetics and lotions must be the very best products you have ever, taken home, and used, they must please you! - our testimonials certainly reflect the quality that folks experience with our organic products...which we do back with a 100% money-back, full satisfaction guarantee!

- We also believe that by satisfying Eco - in respecting of Nature and our Earth during our production and processing - that our products will actually result in better quality any-how. That also means NO harmful pesticides, residues or normal array of synthetic chemicals easily found in our competitor's brands.

Ego + Eco = profitable sustainability, for us another way to view this is - as having the good fortune to experience a proud, respectul lifestyle that can maintain a family's living expenses.

Eco-dynamics™ is the synergism of; balancing seemingly opposing energies or principles.

- Ecology(environment) in balance with Economy(business practises)
- Eco in balance with Ego (yin/yang),
- so that both sides may contribute beneficially to a profitable and sustainable business whole. Nature can teach us to respect profitability through her own cycles of bounty and abundance.

When combined synergistically the surrounding effect becomes exponential in its impact.

* Ego + Eco = a sum/whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

We trademarked
Eco-dynamic to create a recognizable ideology of sustainable forethought, and a branding beacon for our eco-consumer. We implement Eco-dynamics™ through combining integrity with ingenuity to crystallize the reward that bountiful stewardship brings by fulfilling eco-product sales and services for the demanding and sharply growing new eco-consumer markets...

...our customers tell us, once they have used our products, that they can no longer go back to other mediocre, ineffective products. We will continue to be committed to manufacturing the type of quality products that appeal to your ego and as well as to the ecological balance.

Many of our customers say they use our organic products because they feel that we make the best skin care product that they can find. Though, many also tell us that they enjoy the products because there are other qualities that they feel deeply satisfy something in them...we invite you to this experience...




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