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Your own copy of the new DVD, The Promise, is waiting for you.


Please fill out the form and then click the "Send" button and our inspiring, informative and fun new DVD will be on its way to you.  YES, it's really free, we even pay the shipping.

Okay, so why is this $25 value FREE ??  Well, that is a good, honest question... why would we work on this new DVD for almost a year gathering new material about the dolphins, interviews with some amazing folks, and awesome Nature footage, our original music soundtrack (and more), and then just send you a copy ??... simple, BECAUSE we care about connecting with people, and want to connect with YOU, no matter where you are, if you care, we care!

Sharing our heart-felt story and our journey about how our "5 cent pop can plan" started our Organic Trader™ vision just makes us feel good... maybe will also help the endangered dolphins we love so much!  We hope it makes you feel great inside too (with some laughs or tears... please, share it with your friends! (better yet, get them their very own copy, as a surprise or gift.  
Heck, it's on us!

   Eco-blessings!   Joseph & Zach

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