Interested in creating cash flow within this highly expanding organic market for a rewarding, profitable business & eco-career ?

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Potential Distributor-Partners

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Organic Formulations

Are you ready to join an established business network
and sales team, in a sharply growing industry?

A Proven Eco-business Model.

Organic Trader™ Canada-USA is a grass roots eco-manufacturer and wholesale-direct distributor. 

Organic Trader™ has created a successful and proven eco-business model that continues to expand worldside.

Canada & USA are the largest, and most receptive organic markets in all of consumer history.

The way business is done today, is clearly changing.  Why not offer high quality organic/biodynamic and fair trade products that make difference to each valued customer and the Earth?

Please contact us if you also believe that offering your customer the very best is part of a good business plan and are ready for a Canadian, USA or international country territory?

Are you ready to get started and be supported in your region?

Organic Trader™ Canada-USA is the Eco-Manufacturer and Master Distributor for its unique and proprietary formulations for all regions worldwide.

We know eco-business and the natural, organic and biodynamic market very well - from an insider's perspective.

You will benefit from years of industry experience, including specific lateral market testing and research giving full depth to our international business plans.

Organic Trader™ has also developed product manuals, brochures, posters, sales training and business support backed by years of experience and credentials.

In 2007 one of our new distributor's sold a $10,000 USD pallet in their first launch.

Executive support with credentials!

Organic Trader™ Canada-USA company Director, Joseph Borkovic is on the OTA task force that provides the Canadian Government direction on the Organic Product Regulations passing into law June 30, 2009. Joseph has also assisted the USDA NOP processes for organic product regulations in the USA, and is familar with Australian and EU standards.

Enthusiasm and Desire, are you ready?

Sales experience is very useful, though, not as much as enthusiasm, determination, hard work, teachability and the desire to really make a difference while building a good, solid business.

What will it take to get started and all the sale support going?

It will take YOU, and our sales & logistics training, DVD introduction, sales materials/ manuals, sharing of confidential/proprietary information and trade secrets and a Confidentiality and Non-disclosure Agreement.

Generally, a distributor can get started with as little as $2500-10,000, though for larger territories we may recommend a larger starting inventory depending on your specific population area - some areas will demand more to be properly prepared, and some less.

We will work with you to the best of our ability and experience.  

Please, come and visit our operation on Vancouver Island, anytime!

Let’s Find Out More Together : )

Please check out our web sites, we have a full eco-business infrastructure and operate as a fully sustainable eco-business.  [ we are NOT a MLM company, though we do supply private label to this industry, as well as others ].  

Our brands are becoming increasingly recognized worldwide as the eminent top quality of sustainable personal care products, with actual organic & biodynamic ingredient certification with independent third-party certificates.

Outside and Media Support

The authentic story of a father and son's promise and of how we literally started from nothing (our 5 cent pop can plan) to start Organic Trader™, makes a real difference in people's lives, fortunately our story has also earned wide media coverage, TV, publishied articles and awards to enhance our brand awareness and to earn customer support.

We have developed and employ spiritual and scientific technologies that are not found in a business model anywhere else in the world.

If you are ready for us, we want to talk with you.  Together, we could make a better life and become the change we seek in this world.

What you will not find here...

What is excluded in our business plan?... drama, deception, negatives and bad attitudes.

We are serious about growing a business that supports organic and biodynamic farms and sustainable eco-business through the profitable sale of organic and sustainable products. We are not interested in foolishness or false promises... it takes good hard work to stay true while making one's dream become real.

What is Extra?

... this business is rewarding work, that is fun and really satisfying on the inside too, if you feel that this resonates for you and strongly feel you can contribute, make money and make a change - please come join our amazing and dynamic eco-network... why wait any longer?

For more information and a proper introduction, please contact, Joseph Borkovic, Founder & Director

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Organic Formulations